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DM Options: Monster Talents I

by: Dragonix

DM Options: Monster Talents is a treasure trove of monstrous special abilities, features, perks, and powers that a DM can use to slap on or modify existing monsters!  This book covers the creatures from the Monster Manual book, providing several talents to choose from for each critter, depending on their CR. The higher the creature’s CR, the more talents they can have and the bigger their selection. As a result, you’ll have plenty of options to make the tired and typical encounters your players have gone accustomed to dealing with suddenly fresh and exciting. With talents like the stirge’s insidious Anesthetic Bite, the beholder’s obnoxious Redirect Central Eye, the balor’s destructive  Meteor Strike, the tarrasque’s terrifying Disintegration Breath, and the truly horrifying rage-quit inducing Potent Antennae of the rust Monster to arm your monsters with, you’ll have a delightful time tormenting and shocking your players.

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