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Dragonix's Deadly Denizens I

by: Dragonix

From the author of DM’s Guild’s Adamantine-Best-Selling Monster Manual Expanded series comes another monstrous bestiary!┬áThis tome is filled with a captivating collection of characters, creatures, and cryptids that will ignite your imagination and breathe new life into your 5th Edition fantasy campaigns. You’ll have plenty of new monsters and combat mechanics to throw at your most seasoned players, enough to shock and surprise them and keep them on their toes!

  • Spans 289 pages and contains over 300 statblocks!
  • Dozens of incredible commissioned artwork (as you’d expect from my books!)
  • Almost every creature is represented by a low, mid, and high-level statblock!
  • New demons, devils, dragons, drakes, giants, golems, oozes, beasts, and nonplayer characters!
  • New and improved templates: Abyssal, Infernal, Half-Dragons, Fiendish Dragons, and Vrykolakas (Vampiric)!

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